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Facebook Ads Update: Target Your Ads Based on Custom Audience

Other than a platform for socialization, Facebook is also being used by brands to reach out to a wider audience. Through Facebook Ads, brands are given the chance to convert Facebook users to loyal customers.

More than two years ago, Facebook allowed brands to retarget to people who visited their sites or mobile apps. Now, a latest update allows them to retarget people based on specific actions they took on a brand’s site or app.

The Expanded Custom Audience

This recent expansion on Facebook’s website custom audience ad targeting option is expected to make it easier for brands to find the most valuable members of their sites’ and apps’ audiences. Now, instead of simply advertising to people who visited their site, brands can now pinpoint the people who did a particular action on their site.

Facebook knows that people who visit a website through a Facebook ad don’t always complete a desired action. Now, the Facebook pixel (formerly known as the Custom Audience pixel) gives brands a chance to bring back visitors to complete a purchase, while also finding new people similar to website visitors.

Why It Matters?

To put it simply, this new update ensures brands that they won’t be wasting precious dollars marketing to window shoppers when they can put most of their time and efforts in catering to people who are more serious about buying something.

Successful brands like the New York Times have already experienced the positive effects of the latest update. The amount of money it took to convert visitors into subscribers was reduced by 25 percent, yet they got 2.3 times more subscribers. When done the right way, this new update can bring more customers to your business for lesser costs.


Facebook now lets brands target ads based on how much time, money you spent on their sites, apps, Marketing Land

Custom Audiences from your website, Facebook Business


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