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Among Other Social Media Platforms, Facebook Produces the Best ROI

Marketers are now aware of the huge potential that social media can bring to a business, now that almost everyone is connected through these sites. Every marketer implements different strategies on different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among many others.

They wonder, though: which social media site produces the best return on investment and the essential platform that can bring a business to success? If a recent survey is to be believed, Facebook is the platform of choice among marketers.

Survey Says: Facebook Produced the Best ROI

In a survey conducted in March, out of 551 social media marketers, 95.8 percent of them believed that Facebook produced the best ROI. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of these marketers, or 63.5 percent of marketers, believed that Twitter was the platform with the best ROI. 40.1 percent of them named Instagram as their platform of choice. At the bottom of the list was Snapchat, with only 2.1 percent of marketers naming this platform as the one that produces the best ROI.

Why Facebook?

Such results aren’t surprising though, especially since Facebook reaches 1.43 billion monthly users by the end of the year. These users also tend to generate information online, and businesses can gain the opportunity to target advertisements based on demographics and user interests. With these advertisements, businesses can see better conversion rates.

Furthermore, Facebook offers products and tools that enable marketers to leverage the company’s reach, relevance, social context, and engagement. Such a system is designed to help these marketers show relevant ads to a brand’s target audience.

Facebook continues to update and improve its ad targeting system to make ads more relevant, but there’s no doubt that, with all their tools, this platform will continue yielding the best ROI for marketers.


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