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Trends in Personalized Marketing that’s Changing a Buyer’s Journey

One thing that drives a consumer’s loyalty to a particular brand is its ability to know their preferences and provide recommendations based on their likes and dislikes. This is often easier when establishing offline relationships, but not so much when done online. Fortunately, brands can do so with personalized marketing.

Now that consumers expect personalized experiences while shopping online, there are rising trends that are gradually reinventing a buyer’s shopping journey.

Programmatic Marketing

This platform takes all the information it can get about a buyer and converts them into the right ads that will be displayed at the right time and in the right place. When provided with relevant ads, a buyer’s shopping experience now becomes more relevant and more valuable.

The Rise of Personalized Websites

Though seemingly futuristic, personalized websites work by integrating content optimization systems to deliver dynamic and tailored content to each visitor. Content will be generated based on particular information about a visitor, from their IP address to their browsing behavior. These websites cater more directly to where the buyer is in the sales cycle, giving them more value without wasting their time.

Personalized Emails

Did you know that behavioral trigger emails or personalized emails get a 152 percent greater open rate than traditional ones? This is because these emails are formed based on the information made available to marketers, and contains information that’s more valuable to buyers.


The most successful brands utilize product recommendation engines that provides products or services that a specific person might find useful. This gives buyers the chance to find products that they are likely to love, but weren’t aware of.

Now that consumers are after an experience tailored on their expectations, marketers should begin providing a personalized experience to ensure higher conversions.


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