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What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads: Tips for eCommerce Sites

Brands all over the world maximize social media such as Facebook to attempt to get their share of the 1.4 billion Facebook users as their market.

In the same way that the biggest social media platform is used for plenty of purposes, one of its features called “Facebook ads” are also used for a variety of goals. The adverts on this platform can serve objectives like information dissemination or gathering, the encouragement of social engagements, and actual profits through the conversion of leads.

Of course, there are different ways to use Facebook ads. If you’re an eCommerce site that wants to maximize these cost-efficient marketing tools, here’s a primer on what you need to know:

The call-to-action can be modified based on your target market or objective.

If you’re serving multiple cities or if you have a handful of store locations, the call-to-action can be modified based the customer’s demographic (i.e. they can be directed to the store nearest them).

You will also have choices on what you want your prospects to do, such as visiting your website, installing your app, signing up for a sale or any other event, and more.

You can send targeted ads based on consumer activity.

For instance, you can track store or page visits, online purchases, and other social signals—data which you can use to enrich your ads.

You can activate these ads during the time of the day when you have high engagement rates and increase your chances of capturing leads.

You can generate reports for your business.

Facebook also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads and your ROI.

You can check if your objectives are met at the end of your campaign period, as well (e.g. check how many clicks your page got or how many app installations occurred).

These handy functionalities that you can further modify to your advantage with our personalization tools let you maximize your investments and improve revenues.



10 Things You Should Know About Facebook Ads, Small Business Trends

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