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How to Make Personalized Marketing Efforts Work? Here are Three Ways

Marketing has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. Where once TV, radio, and newspapers were the norm, now it’s all about websites, email, and social media. As the internet continues to affect people’s lives, the technology has made it easier for businesses to reach their target market. What’s more, doing so has become more cost-effective than ever.

Today, marketing through the internet has taken on a more personalized approach. Whether it’s through emails, ad retargeting, and customized delivery of content, businesses need to ‘get personal’ with their marketing, unless they want to be swallowed by the competition. To help you create an effective personalized marketing campaign, here are three things that you need to do:

Use account-based marketing software

Account-based marketing (ABM) software allows you to align your marketing efforts with sales so you can increase the impact of the latter on revenue. The greatest advantage of this software is that it treats accounts as separate marketing opportunities, giving you the power to customize your digital message accordingly.

Use of available information and tools to deliver personalized product recommendations

There are plenty of marketing tools out there that let you know how users are interacting with your brand, whether they visited your website for information, browsed your product offerings, started but did not push through with a purchase, and so on. You can use these tools to create a lead nurturing campaign that delivers relevant content and personalized email messages based on that initial interaction.

Tap into users’ locations for marketing

Targeting users through their location, otherwise known as geo-targeting, helps you identify hits from visitors based on where they are. You may then use the info to market to those customers who are looking for local services.

Consult a digital marketer in your area to learn more about these personalized marketing methods.


Making Personalized Marketing Work,



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