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The Important Components of a Successful Personalized Email Campaign

When it comes to sending out personalized email marketing materials, it’s important to know that it requires so much more than simply addressing your recipient by their first name.

In order for you to be truly successful in your personalized email campaign strategy, you must make sure that you have these important components.

Market Profile

Key to a bespoke approach to your marketing strategy is having a clear picture of who your target audience it. While you already have a general idea of what kind of market you are catering to, once you start using emails, you’d want to be a bit more specific than usual.

Among the pertinent points you must know are the particular likes and preferences of your target audience regarding your product or service. If they are subscribed to your company’s website, for example, you should be able to have information as to their on-page activity.

Are they there to simply browse, usually, or do they tend to save items they like on their wish list but don’t purchase them until it’s on discount? Knowing their behavior as they go through your virtual store should give you very helpful insights as to how you can best persuade them to heed your call to action.

If any of their preferred items suddenly go on sale, it would be a good idea to notify them via email. Not only does this give them the impression that you are indeed paying attention to them, it could also very well lead to an actual sale.

Dynamic, Relevant Content

That said, the bottom line is that you don’t just flood their inbox with random content. They want specific, bespoke, and dynamic content that will prove relevant to their current needs and wants.

Being dynamic also doesn’t mean being all over the place. Time your emails appropriately, so that they won’t feel bombarded and overwhelmed. Otherwise, there’s a bigger probability that important messages will be overlooked, or worse, you’ll be relegated to the Spam folder.



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