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Using Time and Location to Your Gain for a Triggered Email Campaign

A brand can utilize triggered emails to capture a lead, based on the prospect’s behavior. For instance, the prospect downloads a free e-book or signs up for a trial period. The brand will then use automation to reach that prospect and deliver a message based on what he/she did. A follow-up email can be sent for a prospect with pending information, and a guide on the next steps can be sent to that prospect after the trial period.

The most important factors to consider in crafting these triggered emails include the relevance and value of the content, but another important consideration is the timeliness of the message. Unlike traditional email marketing strategies, triggered emails can be sophisticatedly planned, so they are sent in a timely manner and tailored to sustain the prospect’s interests. Here are a few things that a brand must ask regarding triggered emails:

  1. What is the optimum time of sending emails?
  2. How do you determine the optimum time if your customers are from various locations and diverse time zones?
  3. How do you optimize your triggered emails further?

These key concerns must be carefully studied. The answers to each one must be determined through tests, such as surveys and data analysis, especially if you have online sign-up forms. The results of your research can then be used to improve your triggered email campaign in terms of its timeliness. If you are able to reap rich data (e.g. you’re able to predict the behavior of your prospects or you’re able to infer the preferences of your leads), you can enhance the value and relevance of your emails’ content, as well.

The marketing tools you use to fulfill these tests and analytic tasks will have a huge impact. They will be your means to collect data and tailor the automation of your campaign, so it achieves your objectives and ultimately capture your leads—both hot leads and the ones that have gone cold already.


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