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The Need to Take a Long-Term Approach with Personalized Marketing

With the proliferation of digital media and the change in consumer shopping habits that it led to, many companies are taking a new approach to sales and marketing, focusing to make their messages more personal instead of the hit-or-miss general approach of the past. But more than just making ads, emails, and website content more personal, businesses also need to think long-term.

Many successful companies today rely heavily on personalized marketing, but they do so in very different ways. The reason for the differences is largely due to the different tools and avenues available to each. That said, one thing they have in common is that they focus on building long-term relationships which, ideally, is the ultimate goal in personalized marketing.

Does your personalized marketing provide long-term value to your customers?

You can use all the data and metrics in the world to assess the efficiency of your campaign, but unless you can say ‘yes’ to the question above, then you will need to make adjustments. If you’re wondering how to measure the long-term value of a personalized marketing campaign, it can be done by creating a customer focus group. Such a method is relatively more informative as it can show various behaviors that aren’t always reflected in specific campaign metrics.

Focus group implementation myths

Naturally, setting up a long-term focus group comes with certain difficulties, but it pays to know some of the misconceptions about it before moving forward. There are generally three myths that surround the creation of a long-term holdout group. Basically, companies think that doing so will result in:

  • Significant loss of revenue
  • Customer churn
  • Executional challenges


Long-term results often stem from making the most out of personalized marketing solutions. Avoid the myths and use all the tools within your arsenal to make it happen.



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