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Engage Your Readers Using Personalized Emails with Worthy Content

Content marketing’s biggest benefit is that it helps you build a core loyal audience, unlike in other forms of advertising, where you only get to ‘rent’ the people reading your ads. Now to maintain that audience’s interest, you need to establish a relationship with them, and the best way to do so is with email.

According to data, 80 percent of marketers use email to market their content. However, most are not doing it properly, using their emails instead as a channel for sales and not for brand content sharing. If you want to know how to make an email marketing strategy work, here are some useful tips:

Trigger emails can keep readers engaged with good content

Triggered emails can be a powerful tool because inherently speaking, they are timely and relevant, and as long as you make sure the content of your emails provide value to your readers, then you increase the chances of not getting skipped over and sent to the ‘Spam’ folder.

Use emails to retain a personal touch

Personalized marketing is where the entire marketing landscape is headed, and you best follow suit. You need to tailor your email messages to the individual you’re sending them to, and to do so, you need to understand the characteristics of the people you’re targeting.

Don’t sell too soon

If you take content seriously, let it reflect in your emails. Focus on content and make your sales pitches secondary. Your emails should guide the reader from their inbox to your landing pages with as little friction as possible, which means you need to make your calls-to-action flow organically with your content.


11 Great Ways to ‘Get Personal’ in Your Email Marketing,


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