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The Key Elements of an Effective Facebook Ad That Brands Must Know

What makes a Facebook ad work? How can you make one that drives your audience to click and respond to your call to action? What elements do you have to focus on? Let us outline a few:

Enticing Images

An effective Facebook ad is often visual. One with low-resolution images, grainy photos, and confusing graphics will be skipped by users because they don’t evoke emotions—they even make a brand look illegitimate. On some occasions, the way a photo is taken can make products look poor in quality or give a negative impression among an audience instead of bringing the brand in a positive light.

Thumb-Stopping Copy

The headline and the blurbs that accompany your images must also be interesting. The headline can’t be boring or difficult to digest, and it can’t be too click-baity, either (note: Facebook’s current anti-clickbait algorithm makes sure your ad doesn’t reach that many users.) Your blurbs (and any text within your images) should also be comprehensible or—better yet—relatable to your intended audience.

Clear Call-to-Action
Effective ads never do without solid calls-to-action, and often, they have an enticing value proposition. You need to make sure that whatever you’re asking your audience to do is something worth their time or money, whether it’s clicking to be directed to your website and be able to read the rest of your article, signing up to your email list, or purchasing your items on sale for the season.


Personalized recommendations through Facebook ads also makes for higher engagement. When you supply your targeted audience with content that is relevant and practical to them, then they will most likely engage with your brand and respond to your ad’s call-to-action. Do your targeted users prefer video ads? Do they click more when the ad is on their newsfeed? These are the data that you can gather from an automated personalization engine and maximize when making your ads.

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