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Business Tips: Personalized Marketing Etiquette for Positive Outcomes

When it comes to their customers, businesses are always eager to please. Hence, it’s no surprise that personalization has take over the marketing industry. Personalized marketing, also referred to as one-to-one marketing, is a strategy in which companies leverage data analysis and utilizes digital technology to develop customized product offerings and communications to their current or potential customers.

As promising as personalized marketing sounds, however, there are limits to its implementation. Businesses that bombard online users with overly personal, intrusive, individualized information and offers are on a risky path that can absolutely turn off potential customers. Here are some tips to ensure that your personalized marketing plan is kept in check:

Keep your marketing ethical.

Be your target market’s friend and not their “stalker”. Maximize data in a way that won’t make people feel discriminated, stereotyped, or judged. In fact, a 2014 Ph. D thesis by Lisa Barnard revealed that behavioral ad retargeting, when executed poorly, can result in a 5% reduction in purchase intent. Before creating and launching an ad or promotional material, consider whether it is reasonable, relevant, and ethical.

Don’t treat everyone the same way.

Since personalized marketing is essentially about customizing promotions and/or ads to different types of people, it’s better if you offer a range of choices for individuals who want a more tailored experience and those who want a safer, more generic experience. Don’t force consumers to give out personal information if they don’t want to just so they can enjoy special discounts or freebies. Be genuinely helpful and steer clear of repressive and discriminatory practices that only do more harm than good.


Avoid Creeping Out Your Customers With Respectful Personalization,, July 19, 2016


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