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Take Advantage of Personalized Product Recommendations This Holiday

Want to know how you can increase your profits this coming holiday? Add a personalized ‘Product Recommendations’ feature to your shopping website! Personalized product recommendations or PPRs for short, rank among the hottest digital marketing trends right now. Part of their appeal is that it’s easy to carry their content through to email campaigns. Done right, PPRs have the power to drive additional revenue and increase average order value for your business this holiday season.

To make your personalized product recommendation seem fresh, it’s best to avoid the tired “customers also bought” cliché and go with something less common such as “latest products,” “bestsellers,” or the ultra-effective “you might also like” or “visitors who viewed this product also viewed” phrases. According to studies, that last one generated the most revenue for businesses, taking up over 68.4 percent of all revenues related to personal product recommendations.

Sales normally spike during holidays, and marketers can use product recommendations to their advantage. Aside from using the right phrase, additional tips for a more effective personal product recommendation campaign include:

  • Ensuring that user data is being gathered across platforms and on all devices
  • Making sure product recommendations are timely and relevant
  • Doubling efforts for sending personalized emails

By giving visitors to your online store a personalized product recommendation, you’ll give shoppers the tailored shopping experience that makes them feel valued, which can go a long way in convincing them to do business with you. If you think you’re ready to get personal with your product recommendations this coming holiday season, then it may be time for you to talk to a personalized marketing professional and move forward with your plans.



Ecommerce Chart: The most effective types of personalized product recommendations

Types of Product Recommendations Explained


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