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How to Revitalize Your Email Marketing Campaign in 4 Simple Steps

Today’s email marketing practices are certainly a far departure from the generic batch emails of not so long ago. That said, consumers aren’t that totally sold on emails yet. Chalk it up to the years of spam messages that gave this marketing method a bad name.

So what can a retailer do to revitalize his email marketing strategy and improve results? Simply abandoning your email list and starting over again takes up significant time and effort, not to mention totally unnecessary. To rebuild meaningful connections with your customers through email, here’s what you need to do:

Add variety to your email templates

If you keep using the same email template over and over again for all your campaigns, your recipients are bound to notice, and if they think your just saying the same thing with every campaign, you reduce your results over time. Consider using responsive templates, and make sure to end your message with a compelling call to action.

Write engaging content

A good call to action at the end of your emails won’t mean a thing if you can’t sustain your reader’s attention until the end. Thus, you must be able to provide engaging content. Most emails today are being read through mobile devices, which means your customers are going to have a very short attention span. Keep your content concise, direct, and relevant.

Try out a new strategy to entice people to sign up

Introduce a new incentive for people to sign up for your email list. Popular options include e-books, cheat sheet, a discount, or even a free promotional item. Even then, you shouldn’t push your email offerings to your customers—allow them to decide to opt-in and receive your communications automatically. When the decision comes from them and not from you, they’ll be more compelled to open and read the emails you send.

Add videos

Videos tend to work very well in email marketing, as they are able to provide customers with all the necessary information in a very short span of time. For more effective videos, make sure the ones you make have audio and subtitles.


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