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Shoppers prefer to communicate with brands through email

There’s a lot of debate going on about email’s effectiveness as a marketing tool. Some say it’s useful, others not. If you don’t know what to believe, then perhaps some statistics from a report by Bluecore—a popular customer experience platform that provides consumer behavioral and product data to marketers—will enlighten you.

According to the report titled “How Millennials Actually Want Brands to Engage with them,” email is still the preferred mode of correspondence for 73 percent of baby boomers, 71 percent of gen Xers, 62 percent of millenials, and 65 percent of gen Zers. In addition, over half of shoppers said that they use their smartphones to open and read their emails.

The Bluecore study also discovered that 47 percent of Gmail account holders check the ‘Promotions’ tab daily, while 60 percent use to find good deals from their favorite brands. A breakdown of these users according to generation is as follows: Millenials, 70 percent, and gen Zers, 73 percent.

With that much people still using email to communicate, it’s clear to seat that email is definitely not dead. It’s also probably safe to say that if your email marketing isn’t yielding the results you want, it’s because you’re not doing it properly.

As a marketing tool, email is constantly evolving. Today, brands have the power to identify the click-through rate, open rate, and engagement rate of the emails they send to customers. Email also allows the enhancement of the cross-channel experience, which is utterly impossible in other marketing platforms.

Put simply, email will never die. If you want email marketing done right, you don’t have to go at it alone—there are third party digital marketing professionals with whom you can partner with to revitalize your email efforts and turn them into the moneymaking tools they should be.



68% of consumers prefer brands to communicate via email

Why is Email marketing still Preferred?


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