It’s Time for Your Small Businesses to Take Advantage of Facebook Ads

Social media giant Facebook has been steadily gaining popularity as an online business marketing tool. Big companies are harnessing it and in doing so, have boosted profits exponentially.

The great news about Facebook and its marketing tools such as Facebook Ads, is that its use isn’t only limited to businesses with deep pockets—even small businesses can take advantage of it, which levels the playing field immensely. If you own a small business, you might not want to write off advertising on Facebook as it can be a profitable tool for you, especially if you do it correctly and manage your expectations.

Facebook ads allow businesses to get detailed on their targeting.

Facebook offers plenty of customer data and options, more so than many other online marketing channels. You can target users for their age, sex, profession, interests, location, even the browser they prefer to use. The targeting options are practically endless, and marketing relevance is unmatched.

It’s a surprisingly affordable way to extend reach and make a huge impression.

Facebook Ads get very high engagement for very low cost. According to some Facebook marketers, it’s possible for you to get a 1-cent cost per engagement, maybe even less!

Facebook Ads can increase brand awareness and captured leads.

This is probably the best reason to use Facebook as a marketing tool. Your customers are using it and it provides you with a great opportunity to connect with them and build a relationship. Once you gain loyal followers, your customers become your brand ambassadors who will share their content and influence others about your business or products.

Small business owners can also actively track relevant metrics.

In the real world, you have to pay a marketing company top dollar to track how well an ad campaign is doing using metrics. Facebook allows you to track metrics such as impressions, likes, comments and shares cheaply, and in real time. This means you can actively track all these metrics and adjust content instantly if they’re not delivering the results you want.



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