3 Things to Avoid for a Successful Personalized Marketing Campaign

With personalized marketing, knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what you should do. While it can be so easy for businesses nowadays to get an ad campaign up and running, it can be just as easy to fall into traps that not only render the campaign useless, but harmful to the brand as well. Take a look at three personalized marketing mistakes you should make the effort to avoid.


Consumers are touchy about their personal data. You don’t want your customers asking themselves how you could’ve possibly obtained the personal information you’re using in your ads. It’s important to be transparent about your data gathering methods and get your customer’s consent before you use them in your ads.

Using old, irrelevant data

Track user behavior, but don’t forget to update your data regularly so you can adapt quickly and make the timeliest of ads. For example, you don’t want to be selling pregnancy products to someone who has already given birth. This can give your customers the impression that you’re not really paying attention. Such a misstep can really affect your relationship with your customers, and you lose the opportunities that personalized marketing has afforded you up to that point.

Failure to evaluate targeting criteria for the automated tools you use

Some marketing mistakes result from simple failure to double check and tweak the marketing tools being used. In personalized marketing, if you don’t hone your targeting criteria, then you simply won’t reach your customers. The takeaway here is that the technology should follow—not precede—the development a strong personalized marketing plan. Gather the data, develop the plan, and tweak your targeting tools to best achieve your goals.



Avoiding the Pitfalls of Personalized Marketing and Sales, bain.com


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