Personalized Marketing and Pop Up Ads: Three Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Pop up ads are often seen as a nuisance by many web users. In most cases, people feel annoyed because the pop up ads they are exposed to do not provide much value.

When set up properly, pop up ads can easily lead to more opt-ins to your email list. In fact, up to 70 percent of site visitors are willing to provide you with their contact details if your pop up ad is useful and thoughtfully implemented. If you want to try setting up pop up ads on your website through a personalized marketing company like Nosto, be sure to avoid these common pitfalls:

No Exit/Close Button

If your goal is to have people opt in, you should have a way for those who are not interested to opt out. Nothing is more annoying to a user than a pop up ad that they cannot close. In fact, 93 percent of web users view a pop up ad without an exit button as “very negative”. More than simply having a close button, make sure that it is easy to locate and click.

Ad Fills the Screen

Don’t forget that web users visit your site to view your content. Introducing a pop up ad that covers the entire screen is counterproductive to a web user’s intentions for visiting your site. This problem is amplified further if users view a non-mobile responsive site on their mobile devices as these ads can easily hide the exit button.

Ad Pops Up Too Often

Like any kind of ad, a pop up should appear in a timely manner for it to be effective. You can’t expect someone to sign up for your newsletter if your pop up ad keeps showing up on every page she opens.

Limit pop up ads to fire only once per browsing session. Similarly, set it up so that the ad is displayed to the same user only once a week. This should give users enough time and freedom to enjoy the value your actual site provides and encourage them that signing up with you will provide even more value.





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