Boosting Your Sales: Personalized Email and How to Take Advantage

When it comes to email marketing, personalized emails are the way to go. After all, studies have shown that personalized emails are capable of delivering transaction rates of up to six times higher than a generic email.

Of course, there are certain steps you can still take to make a personalized email even more effective. Here are a few of them:

Personalize Triggered Emails

Triggered emails are messages that are sent to users when they perform a particular action on your website. More often than not, they are used to reach out to customers who have abandoned their carts or viewed an item repeatedly over the course of the day.

Aside from the usual addressing the customer by their first name approach, you may want to make sure the triggered emails are sent using an employee’s personal email account. People are much more inclined to open an email if the “From” section contains a real person’s name.

Flash Sales and Offers

As emails continue to toe the line between work and play, the lifespan of the average email is significantly shorter than it was in the past. To adapt to this, you may want to start rolling out emails that inform users of one-day offers and flash sales. This way, even if a user misses the initial email, they’ll be a little more alert for your next flash sale email.

Email Preview Tools

When sending emails with product offers, you are likely using HTML to accomplish the task. In such cases, you may want to preview the email before you send it out to your users. There are many email preview tools available that let you see exactly how your message will be displayed across a variety of email browsers. This allows you to correct any display issues or outdated content before the actual email is sent out. If you are interested in an email preview tool, you may want to ask a personalized marketing firm, such as Nosto, as to which tools the recommend.



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