4 Factors that Pose a Huge Threat to Your Email Marketing Strategy

There’s more to email marketing than creating an ad and hitting the ‘send’ button, and inexperience can do more harm than good. As an email marketer, you need to do your diligence to research both effective and ineffective email marketing techniques before you start. Here are four of the biggest threats to email that marketers succumb to very often. Do your best to avoid them.

Outdated database

An outdated database may result in sending out emails to long-forgotten addresses, thereby becoming a waste of time and resources. Update your email database regularly and purge those who don’t open your emails in a month to ensure your email open rate stays optimal.

Sending out the same message multiple times to the same recipients

Sending out the same messages to subscribers can make you end up on their spam folder. Check your scheduling to ensure you don’t send multiple emails going to the same people. If you have more than one marketer working with the same database, make sure they communicate with each other and check their lists for repeating addresses.

Gmail’s filters

Messages might not be received by subscribers if Gmail’s filters aren’t considered. Gmail’s filters can effectively edit promotional emails from the user’s main inbox, so if you want your message to be seen by your audience, it can help to start with non-promotional content.

Lack of quality control

Not all threats to an email marketing campaign are external. That said, having only one person create and send your email can be a huge mistake. For the sake of proofing and quality control, have at least one other person review your email before you send them to check for errors and false statements in the marketing message.



Eight Things That Threaten Email Marketing, DMNews.com


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