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How to Maximize Your Facebook Marketing Ads to Get the Best Results

More than 1.7 billion people use Facebook as a way to connect with friends and like-minded individuals. Marketing ads shown on Facebook have the potential to reach a vast audience of consumers who may be interested in your products and services. These tips will help maximize your marketing efforts and yield the best possible return on investment.

Setting Goals
The first step in marketing on social media is to decide on your goals. You will also need to use proper metrics to track the progress of your marketing campaign. Marketing experts can also do this for you so that you can focus on your business.

Finding the Target Audience
The key to optimizing your marketing ads is to find the correct audience to show the ads to. Targeting of the ads ensures that the ads are placed on relevant news feeds. For example, if you are an arts and crafts supply store, your ads should be targeted to Facebook users who follow or “like” many other arts and crafts stores, suppliers and designers.

Boosting Conversion Rates
Creating a custom audience helps to boost the click-through or conversion rate. Consumers want to find the best product at the best price, and they will click on your ad to see what you have to offer. Lookalike ads also entice users to click over and learn more. It is also important to consider the average value per customer for potential sales against the cost per customer of showing the ad.

Enticing Clicks
Marketing ads must be short and simple. Consumers do not want to read a wall of text. The engaging use of images, infographics and video also inspires consumers to click onto the ad.

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