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4 Facebook Study Insights Connecting Facebook Ads and Search ROI

Facebook ads provide far-reaching benefits, such as increasing search ROI. Facebook conducted a study in 2016 on their advertisements and discovered that this increase in search ROI can be achieved for small businesses, even on mobile. As a small business owner, here are four key insights from the study that you should know to improve your campaigns:

1. Consumers Exposed to Facebook Ads Were More Likely to Initiate a New Search on Mobile

The social media site found that paid mobile media exposure was correlated with an increase in referral search traffic via mobile. They concluded that users were more likely to conduct a new search on their smartphones after seeing a Facebook ad. Referral search traffic on mobile rose as much as 12.8%, while the average increase was 6%.

2. Small Businesses Enjoyed the Largest Variance

Facebook’s study found that small businesses received the largest variance in lift, indicating that small businesses in particular can see outstanding results from advertising on the social network. A possible reason that small businesses see the greatest variance is their volume of natural conversions is usually low.

3. Three Industries Saw a Significant Increase in Lower-Funnel KPIs

Three industries that saw a significant increase in relevant lower-funnel KPIs from paid media are financial services, retail, and automotive. In the auto sector, it was found that users were more likely to search for branded keywords than non-branded keywords after seeing an ad on the social network. Search ads were 2% more effective for automotive businesses as a result because branded keywords are cheaper than non-branded. The financial services industry enjoyed a 19% increase paid search conversion volume and a 10% lift in CPA.

4. Key Strategies to Implement Based on the Findings of Facebook’s Research

You can get the most out of your advertising by testing and allocating your budget, tracking your ad stats, and coordinating the timing, messaging, and copy across the social network and organic search. It takes a sufficient budget to reap the full rewards of advertising. And in order to clearly know how effective your advertising is, you must track your stats.


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