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Potential Perks of Personalized Marketing Across Multiple Platforms

If all of your attention is concentrated on one or two channels, you’re probably missing out on potential conversions as consumers gravitate from one screen to another. This is why cross-platform engagement is quickly becoming the new norm. Not yet on board with this trend? Take a moment to consider the potential perks of multi-platform engagement.

Making Conversions Easier

Consumers today appreciate the ease of making a purchase on whatever platform makes them feel most comfortable. Delivering your message simultaneously across multiple channels allows you to offer customers different options to take the desired action.

Telling Engaging Stories

Multiple platforms allow you to continue and reinforce your brand’s narrative to a larger audience through sequential messages. Because content is presented differently per platform, you may use Pinterest or Instagram to tell a visual account of a campaign that started on Facebook and Twitter in text form.

Identifying Essential KPIs

Multi-platform engagement makes it easier to identify and track key performance indicators (KPIs) per platform. Customized analytics with channel-specific reports will allow you to clearly see what’s working with each platform and where some adjustments may be necessary.

Targeting Different Sales Funnel Stages

Multi-platform engagement allows you to target customers regardless of where they are in the decision-making process. For example, you may send out personalized text alerts to target on-the-go mobile customers ready to make a decision and distribute fresh, engaging content to your website or blog to generate initial interest.

Leveraging multiple platforms for your online business is now a must. It will also require a solid understanding of how consumers are interacting with you. If you’re new to this approach to marketing, guidance from a knowledgeable marketing team is likely to be greatly appreciated.


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