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Ignoring The Simple Message: Why It’s a Huge Email Marketing Pitfall

When you send an email to someone, you usually think that the person will receive it, read it and respond in a short time. There are a few issues that would mean that the email was never read in the first place. These issues can be addressed if you want to maintain a professional relationship or if you simply want to keep the lines of communication open.

Long Lines

Some people simply don’t have time to read a long message. They get the email and open it with an intention or reading it, but after a few lines, it seems like the message keeps going. If you want people to read a message, then consider sending one that is short and to the point.


Lighten up the message so that it’s not stiff in the tone and structure. Bullet points are ideal to make reading the message easy and to give a bit of a lighter mood to the email. If there are multiple tasks to complete, then more than one message might need to be sent so that the person can easily understand what needs to be done in order.

Forgetting the Message

Unless someone replies to an email right away, it is possible that the recipient will forget about the message. Some people don’t check their mail every day. Even if they do, there’s always the chance it wasn’t placed at a high level of importance. It’s also possible that the message was sent to the wrong person and that the person who did get it clicked delete instead of responding.


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