How to Harness Soft Content in Your Personalized Marketing Strategy

Two types of content are used in the digital marketing world: hard content and soft content. Hard content focuses more on business-to-business marketing, while soft content refers to the information passed on by a business to its consumers. If you’re a retailer who markets to customers, then soft content is something that all your online channels—from website to social media—should have.

As consumer’s demand for acknowledgement grows, personalized marketing alone may not be enough. You need to infuse your marketing strategy with soft content to show your customers that you understand what matters to them. With personalized soft content, you can make recommendations for products that they may be interested in. You can even base these recommendations on their life situations, such as a birthday, having a new-born family member, change in status, change in address, and more.

Retailers need to see customers as distinct individuals with varying shopping habits, and personal soft content is just the tool you need to market to them. Based on the knowledge you gather about your customers’ unique situations, personalized marketing tools can help you identify a life change and other opportunities that let you create marketing offering to accommodate the customer. They also allow you to fine-tune your recommendations by analyzing a shopper’s patterns and history.

In the content marketing world, you need to sell value to your customers before they can take you seriously. This is a world where there’s always someone selling the same thing as you, so you need to have something that will make you stand out. Personalized soft content can make what you’re saying sound different than everybody else’s. This can be what you need to make your audience listen to you.



Embracing the softer side of personalized marketing, SupermarketNews.com


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