Mind-blowing Stats: Leveraging Email Stats to Improve Your Campaigns

When you first open your Internet browser, what is the first thing you check? According to research, 58 percent of online consumers make checking their email inbox their priority. This is not very surprising since experts also point out that email marketing yields a 38,000% return on investment.

Generally, implementing an email marketing campaign with the help of a company like Nosto is a fantastic investment for your business—and the stats back them up. What you might want to consider, however, is that you can leverage several stats to make your campaign more efficient. Some stats you may want to take a closer look at include:

Timing is Everything

Studies show that 11AM to 3PM is the best time frame to send out your emails. The second best time to send out an email is 7AM to 11AM. This is because there was a significant amount of time that email inboxes were not checked. In either case, people are either just waking up from 8 hours of sleep or coming back from their lunch break, making it “necessary” to check their email inboxes.

Q4 Email Marketing is Key

Thanks to the flurry of holidays in the fourth quarter of any given year, emails sent out during these months often perform better. Average open rates for all Q4 emails sit at 6 percent. Of course, e-commerce emails enjoy a higher open rate due to the need to buy gifts and the like. Sending out emails regularly during this period may significantly boost your sales.

Mobile-optimization Now a Necessity

Did you know that 53 percent of all emails are viewed on mobile devices? It’s not so surprising when you consider how mobile devices are starting to outpace desktop computers as the Internet-access device of choice. Given this fact, it’s time to start making sure your emails are optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices to improve user experience.



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