Why Online Businesses Should Invest in Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

In February of 2015, Facebook launched a new tool for marketers, called Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). If you have a Facebook business page and you haven’t been taking advantage of this particular tool, know that you could be losing a lot by not doing so.

Why do you need to know about Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Automation is arguably the biggest trend to sweep the world of online marketing in the past few years. It allowed for the delivery of the right marketing message to the right person at the right time, and greater click-through rates and conversions are the immediate results. Facebook DPA is the natural progression to take in online marketing automation, potentially delivering even better benefits.

So what is DPA exactly?

Facebook DPA is an ad format that allows those with Facebook business pages to create dynamic ads using their product catalog. DPA lets you retarget your products on multiple devices, which means you can reach your target audience regardless of the device they use, be it tablet, mobile, or even desktop. DPA gives you the power to promote your entire product line on Facebook as well as the ability to create ads that are more personalized and unique.

DPAs yield amazing results in terms of ROI. Early adopters, such as Shutterfly, Target, and Criteo, have reported glowing results. Both Shutterfly and Target in particular, reported achieving a click through rate increase of over 20 percent.

Should you use Facebook DPA?

It’s worth noting that DPA works best if you have a large inventory and attain high web traffic. Otherwise, it may be best for you to build your business first before you start using this tool. Talk to a Facebook marketing expert to learn more about DPA and to see how it applies to your business.



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