Many Retailers Still Miss Out on Their Email Marketing Goals – Study

Goal setting is crucial to any marketing strategy, emails included. Defining email marketing goals help a company guide the direction of the campaign. It also makes it simpler to measure results. That said, goal setting alone doesn’t guarantee that you’ll see the email marketing results you want to see.

A recent survey of 200 consumers and 100 retailers revealed that, while 65 percent of retailers understand the need to increase email rates, only 51 percent of them were able to complete their objective. The study found that underutilization of triggered emails, delivering relevant information, and sub-par data collection were the key reasons why marketers fail at email marketing.

Retailers find it even hard to connect to consumers, as one-third of them don’t open any of the emails they’re sent. On the other hand, more retailers are planning to personalize subject lines or roll out triggered emails based on consumers’ online behavior.

Email is a channel that plays a role in many business interactions with customers. As both a marketing channel and discipline, email can serve all marketing goals, from branding to customer acquisition and retention. It can even serve several goals at once. Given this much utility, it can be a shame if your email marketing strategy doesn’t yield the results you want. To increase your chances of success, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Each email marketing goal needs to revolve around one customer goal

Before focusing on email marketing goals, start looking at your audience first. Get to know their behavior, preferences, habits, etc. You need to align your marketing goals with your customers’ goals so true value creation can happen.

Marketing goals must be connected

Remember that each marketing channel is used by different people for different reasons. Even if you don’t use email for marketing, it can still contribute to the customer experience. You need to find a way to connect your goals together.

Use email as a mode of communication

Email can also be harnessed in just about every marketing strategy, including customer service, lead nurturing, content marketing, and more. Email can be used across virtually all communications, and this vast utility is important to keep in mind so you don’t limit your email marketing’s reach and potential.


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