Going Mobile: 3 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Mobile Devices

Did you know that the majority of Facebook ad revenue comes from mobile? In fact, Facebook announced that mobile advertising revenue represented roughly 87 percent of advertising revenue in Q4 of 2016. This shouldn’t be surprising, especially since mobile has taken over as the Internet access device of choice (finally beating desktop computers and laptops).

Taking all of this into consideration, marketers must now bring their A-game to the world of Facebook ads. Fortunately, this is not as hard as one might think, especially if you have a good idea of how mobile users behave on Facebook. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can optimize your Facebook ads better:

Eye-Catching Images

Many people on Facebook’s mobile app scroll up and down their news feed at a break neck speed, which may cause them to scroll past your ad. The best way to get them to slow down and take a look at your ad is to include an eye-catching image. Imagery with striking colors or an unexpected subject can easily call attention to the rest of your ad, allowing your copy shine.

Short and Clear Messages

Attention spans are getting shorter, so there’s no time to waste. If customers need to read your ad copy more than twice to understand what you’re trying to tell them, you’re doing it wrong. Keep your ad copy concise so that customers can immediately figure out what it is that you’re offering them. Don’t forget that any extra details can easily be included in your ad’s landing page.

Mobile-Responsive Landing Pages

If your ad will redirect a customer to a landing page on your website, make sure that the page is mobile-responsive! Studies show that 39 percent of consumers will leave a website that isn’t optimized for their mobile devices. Go for the flexibility of mobile-responsive design, which automatically adapts itself based on the device accessing it. This way, both desktop and mobile users are redirected to the same page, rather than having separate pages that split your web traffic in two.


 Facebook Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2016 Results, investor.fb.com


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