All About Psych: Why Today’s Consumers Love Personalized Marketing

Why is personalized marketing so important nowadays, bringing specialists like Nosto to the fore? It turns out this isn’t just an advertising strategy; psychology shows it’s something that all people (ergo, all consumers) have an innate desire for. That’s because humans are wired for information and control – the two very things personalized marketing enables them to have.

People love feeling relevant

When personalized marketing hits its mark, people don’t just feel the content they get is relevant. They also feel that they are relevant. They realize a marketer isn’t just trying to sell them a product; the marketer is selling them a product with their specific interests, preferences, past experiences, and emotions linked to these experiences taken into account.

Therefore, a person who has purchased computer games from one store is likely to pay more attention to an ad for a new laptop with a superior processor and multimedia features, rather than an ad that simply lists every new laptop that store has.

People love choices

No shopper wants a salesperson talking over them, much less talking out of turn. In the same way that consumers want control over what is being marketed to them, they also want to control when and where they get the information they need.

Personalized marketing enables consumers to choose whether to receive content through print, e-mail, SMS, online banners and pop-ups, Facebook, or any other social media platform. Sending messages to a person at a time and place they’re open to receiving it goes a long way to ensuring that message is read.

The choices one gives customers need not be extensive. Even asking email subscribers whether they want to receive updates daily or weekly is enough to satisfy a customer’s sense of control.

People would love it if marketers understood them

Understanding these points is essential for successfully identifying and retaining a customer. A business can use them to strategize how to gather more information about their target market, as well as engaged customers.

The key is to not sell people anything they wouldn’t want to buy – and let them know the salesperson knows that, too.


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