Social Media Marketing: Focusing on Interest Targeting with Facebook

When people sign up for a Facebook account they are usually required to give out basic information (i.e. age, gender, location) and have the option to fill out sections on hobbies and interests for a more personalized experience in the platform. The data collected by Facebook is also what drives the leading social media platform’s marketing features and tools. Facebook offers business pages the opportunity to target a specific group of highly engaged people according to their location, demographics, behaviors, and interests.

Interest Targeting: A Great Way to Attract New Customers

Needless to say, people who find a particular site or Facebook page that is related to what they’re interested in are more likely to spend more time in that page and actually make a purchase. Interest targeting on Facebook lets you choose the ideal audience based on their hobbies, interests, and the Pages they liked on Facebook. Facebook determines the interests of its users from the information that they share on their Timeline, the apps that they use, and the type of ads that they typically click.

Disadvantages of Selecting Broader Interest Categories for Facebook Ads

 Although selecting broader interest categories for your ads may mean a wider audience, it may not necessarily lead to quality conversions. Choosing broader interest categories instead of focusing on the interests of your ideal audience can result in page likes or views from individuals who are not likely to engage with your brand.

Analysing Key Demographics and Other Identifying Traits of Your Ideal Audience

To clearly define and direct your interest targeting campaign, you have to perform extensive research on customers’ interests and likes. This won’t only help you in determining the best audience for your ads, but also guide you in creating content that are sure to catch their attention and win them over.


 How to Target Audiences Accurately Using Interest Targeting on Facebook, SearchEngineJournal.com


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