Four Strategies for Facing the Dynamic Landscape of Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to develop beyond the simple act of delivering advertisements to a customer’s inbox. As marketers improve their craft to suit their targets, here are four strategies that forward-thinking specialists like Nosto consider using to keep pace in the industry.

Ever-specific customization

Customization no longer means just asking customers if they want to receive emails about one of the following: promos, events, new products, or bonus services. It also means enabling them to set when and how often they receive emails, and gauging which specific recommendations they’d enjoy.

If people receive emails that pop up in their inbox at a convenient time, and which contain the information they want, they are more likely to open them.

Real-time reel-ins

Real-time email outreach means immediately emailing people useful information based on what they’ve been doing online. Who wouldn’t click on an email advertising a nearby restaurant’s menu after one has just finished googling that restaurant or a certain cuisine?

Present-day systems for this kind of marketing haven’t been fully developed, but real-time email outreach is likely to upturn marketing once it gets going.

Mixed, matched, and modular

If customized emails are to be the norm, how can marketers craft personalized content at an efficient rate?

Modular emails are a solution. These are emails created using the same flexible templates for designing webpages. Senders merely have to fill in pre-set categories with personalized content, instead of coding new emails to every single customer. Businesses can keep distributing the same kinds of information – like news, special offers, and featured products – but mix the specific content depending on whom they’re writing to.

Integrated marketing

Another forward-looking tactic is to integrate email marketing with other online activities. For example, businesses can advertise through fun quizzes shared on social media. A travel company can entice someone to share their email address, after that person has taken a quiz to find out which destination best suits them – and is curious enough how to get there.




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