Why You Should Consider Using Multi-Product Carousel Ads on Facebook

Facebook has more than 400,000 users checking in every minute and the company collects over thousands of data points on each of those searchers. When ads are placed in front of the right users, they can be highly effective on the most-used social platform in the world. The company’s latest innovation is what are known as carousel ads.

So, What Are Multi-Product Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads allow you to display 3-5 images with headlines, links, and appropriate calls-to-action all in one neat little ad package. The ads only show up in newsfeeds to ensure maximum visibility. Desktop viewers can click through the images while mobile viewers can swipe.

Setting Up Carousel Ads on Facebook

Carousel ads must consist mostly of images. Ads of this nature cannot have more than 20 percent text, so choose your descriptions carefully if you want to make your ads SEO-worthy. After your ad is created, you’ll need to:

From Your Page

• Click “Promote” in the top right corner
• Click the “+” sign to add your images and make your ad

From Your Adverts Manager

• Choose “Create Advert”
• Select “Objective” to determine the purpose of your campaign
• Determine your audience and budget
• Choose the “Multiple Images in One Advert” option and upload your 3-5 images

How Carousel Ads Can Have a Major Impact

Because carousel ads are in newsfeeds, you’ll likely see increased click-through rates, as long as you make your first image one that’s attention-grabbing. The most obvious benefit of these ads is the ability to present a wide range of relevant products in a way that’s easily accessible. Ads with this setup can also be used to quickly show how a product is used, continue your brand’s story or tell a brief, engaging story strung together with images, offer a product tour, or share an article.

There are a lot of opportunities for viewers to click, so there’s some understandable concern about quickly going through ad budgets. However, Facebook generally charges for the first click within 30 seconds and then beyond that point every click will count as an additional click. But if a higher percentage of those clicks are turning into conversions, multi-product carousel ads can be a smart investment.


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