How Email Open Times Can Influence Your Success with Email Marketing

Timing is an important factor in email marketing that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can greatly improve your results by analyzing which times are best to send messages, as well as by determining which times are best for each segmented list of subscribers. Timing is essential for sending relevant content to those on the list.

Opportunities Are Missed When the Content Cannot Update Dynamically

What time you send messages to subscribers is only part of mastering timing. The second part, when the receiver reads the email, is out of your control. The receiver could read it within minutes of receiving, a day later, or even a week later. The subscriber’s circumstances can change when he doesn’t immediately read the content upon receiving it. Therefore, you should aim to keep your content as relevant as possible instead.

Promotional Emails Should Be Based on When They Are Opened

Promotional content is time-sensitive as each promotion has a start date and an end date. Therefore, they should be sent based on when they will be opened by subscribers. You don’t want a subscriber to read the content after the promotion has ended because then they can’t take advantage of the offer. One way around that problem is to create a message for subscribers who open promotional content after the promotion has ended that gives them an extra day to make a purchase. Another option is to re-engage subscribers in a different way. What’s important is you continue relationship building, so that a message isn’t wasted.

Behaviorally Targeted Emails Should Be Relevant at the Point of Consumption

Behaviorally targeted content is influenced by time as well because if it’s sent too soon, the customer’s circumstance may have changed. For example, let’s say you automatically send a message about their recently abandoned shopping cart on your site. If the message was sent too soon and the customer ended up buying the item, your message won’t be relevant to them once they read it. You must consider these kinds of scenarios when crafting behaviorally targeted content.

Open times influence your success with email marketing because relevancy can change within a day or even an hour. Mastering your timing with content may take some effort, but it’s worth it for the improvement in your conversion rates.


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