Get the Most Out of Personalized Marketing to Attract Loyal Customers

Social media, apps, and smartphones are powerful tools for collecting hyper-targeted customer data. This data can be used to personalize your marketing. Personalizing your marketing assists with relationship building and helps generate more qualified leads as well as loyal customers.

Connect with Qualified Leads on Social Media

Many businesses make the mistake of forgetting a quality lead once they close a sale. To really get the most out of personalized marketing, you should connect with qualified leads on social media. If they’re not already following you, consider offering discounts to encourage quality leads to follow your social media account.

You should also check out their profile pages for friends and family that could be potential customers. When you contact one of their family or friends, always mention your connection with them, so that your message will be well-received instead of viewed as spam.

Use Account-Based Software

Account-based software (ABS) was once only useful for enterprises that had a few valuable accounts. Now it’s useful for all businesses thanks to big data. Account-based software views each account as a separate marketing opportunity, allowing you to improve your personalized marketing efforts. One way you can use ABM is to display personalized ads to leads based on search queries.

Find Concentrated Leads through Geo-Targeting

You can easily find the locations of customers through apps thanks to geo-targeting. Whenever you’re hosting an event in a city, you can use geo-targeting to find concentrated leads. It’s better than mass sending an advertisement to those who aren’t close to where the event will be held.

Look at the Bigger Picture

While personalizing your marketing, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You’ll notice ideas and connections that you didn’t before. For example, if someone searches for daily planners on Amazon, you could create retargeting ads that market related products they may also need, such as binders, pens, markers, staplers, and watches.

You can get the most out of personalized marketing by implementing the four tips above. It will help you attract more qualified leads and earn loyal customers. People feel more connected to your brand when you customize your marketing to their needs and preferences.



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