Follow This Simple Checklist to Guide Your Email Marketing Strategy

By now, many marketers understand that email is a must-have tool in their online marketing arsenal. But how can you harness your emails and guarantee that they bring in the results you want to see? Consider these three email marketing best practices and see how you can harness them to your advantage.


Make sure that email subscribers are segmented


Segmentation or separating your email subscribers into different lists allows for the delivery of more relevant emails. The fact is, no business caters to just one type of customer, even if they sell only one type of product or service. Don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach. Figure out the types of people that comprise your customer base end establish buyer personas. When you do this, segmenting becomes easier to understand and do.



Personalization is the biggest key in getting the ideal results from email marketing. Begin personalization by using the recipient’s name in the email, then follow it up by adding information based obtained the customer’s buyer persona and/or their recent interactions with your business. For example, if they recently visited your store or purchased an item, be sure to mention that in your email.


Provide perceived value


Offers must be meaningful for users to perceive emails as valuable. Try combining discounts or sales with information that your users will find useful. For instance, if you’re a plumber, try making a list of your commonly used tools and their applications and include them in your ad. You can even link your promo to another online article, just be sure to credit the author.


Use triggered emails


Triggered emails are a great way to send out reminders to customers. By triggering your emails, your emails are sent to your customer when they are most inclined to read them. Of course, you need to understand buyer personas deeply to ensure your customers receive your emails at the right place and at the right time.


To increase your chances of email marketing success, it wouldn’t hurt to partner with an established online marketing company.




7 Step Email Marketing Checkup for Retailers, SmallBizTrends


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