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Small Businesses Must Learn to Use Facebook Ads for Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness ads are a recent addition to Facebook’s ad platform. With this new marketing tool, Facebook can now tell how much time their users spend looking at ads. With this information, Facebook can inform businesses which people are more likely to watch and recall their ads so they can adjust and course-correct their campaigns accordingly.

Brand Awareness is one of Facebook’s advertising optimization objectives to help brands get their ads in front of people who would otherwise ignore them. Though this objective is targeted at large brands, small businesses should be trying out Facebook ads for brand awareness. With this new ad type, small businesses can get in front of their target audience, get their message across, and measure the efficacy without needing a click.

Brand Awareness would also allow small businesses to gain insight into which copy variation of their message resonates best with their target audience. Since these ads will largely be seen by people who reside within their target geography, tweaking the ad message to suit the target market becomes a lot easier.

If you are hesitant to run an ad campaign because you can’t measure return of investment (ROI) right away, Brand Awareness can be the tool for you. It may not fetch you immediate audience engagement, but you’ll be assured of ads that are being seen and remembered.

That’s not to say that there’s no way to measure Brand Awareness, as metrics such as Estimated Ad Recall Lift and Estimated Ad Recall Lift Rate exist. The former represents the people who see your ad and who—according to Facebook’s studies—are likely to remember it within two days. The latter represents the number of your Estimated Ad Recall Lift divided by the number of people you’ve reached, expressed as a percentage.


Facebook Brand Awareness Ads: What You Should Know,


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