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Personalized Marketing Without Seeming Too Intrusive to Customers

After you check an item online, you’re surprised to see similar and related ads on your social media pages. Walking by your favorite coffee chain, you suddenly receive a notification for a $1 discount in your device’s mobile wallet. You open your favorite rideshare service, and a discount is waiting for you there as well.

Such a high level of location-based and personalized marketing is basically designed to help brands create a stronger bond with you, their customer. It’s helpful when its welcome, but when it’s not, somehow, you could end up feeling like they’re already invading your privacy.

If you’re a business owner yourself who does personalized marketing, consumers will not appreciate it if they feel like you violated their privacy. To prevent this from happening, consider these three tips.

Ask permission

Ask permission always. Collect only the most relevant data from users and let them know that you will use it responsibly. Be careful about messaging people who haven’t voluntarily given you their personal information. You want customers to focus on your call to action, not wonder about how you got their name. Don’t creep them out.

Use public API information

You can customize content with information from third-party sources such as public application programming interface (API). Since the information from these sources is ‘public’ as the name suggests, your target market won’t be bothered too much about you using them. Incorporate this information into your dynamic content to send real-time information that’s relevant and useful to recipients. Be careful with your use of information so as not to raise any eyebrows.

Be relevant

An effective marketing message provides its reader with value. By personalizing your messages based on customer characteristics such as age, gender, location and preferences—you can make your campaign more useful and relevant to your target market.


Tailored experience or digital stalking? Has personalisation gone too far?,


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