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Where Should You Focus Your Email Marketing Campaign Effort this Year?

Email marketing is more popular than ever. Powerful and affordable, email marketing is allowing marketers to reach their customers and deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. So where is it all headed, you may ask? Email marketing experts are predicting big changes in the industry, with predictive data analysis catching up to marketing automation and segmentation. Check out where email marketing is headed this year so you can know where to focus your efforts.

Video in emails

Content remains a major factor but will become more focused on video as it is becoming the preferred content type. Video is getting easier and more cost-effective to create with each passing day, and soon, changes in emails will make video easier to deploy, watch, and understand.

Interactive emails

Emails will focus more on interactivity and modular designs for better personalization. Marketers are betting big on interactive email in particular, because of its ability to allow more to happen inside an email, with marketers having the ability to add website features such as carousel menus, image galleries, sliders, hamburger menus, rollovers and reveals, and collapsible content into their email messages.

Direct buying in emails

Direct buying from email will also be a main focus especially as mobile usage continues to soar. Email service providers (ESPs) will improve their services, allowing for better email features that guide buyers through the sales process. With direct buying, your customers can shop directly in the email. It’s going to be like having an actual website in your inbox.


Artificial intelligence in marketing is getting smarter and more intuitive. It’s time to start relying on automation more for your email marketing to streamline the process and ensure your message reaches the right person at the right place at the right time.




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